Vicious Rumors - Mouth

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Vicious Rumors - Mouth

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You Got The Power With That Tongue
To Break A Man Down Bring Him Up Again
All That You Got Is Not Enough
To Satisfy The Hunger Of That Mouth
You Want Me To Be More Like You
I Am What I Am And That's Ok
I'm Coming For You And...
That Mouth
Oh That Mouth
Up Your Mouth
Shut Your Mouth
Horror And Pain... Shock Me Again
Don't Misunderstand Me Everyone Wants The Girl
Just When I Thought I'd Seen It All
Sisters... Gushers... Bring It On... Mouth
Make Me Crazy Over You
I Can't Get Away Or Look Away
I'm Comlng To You And...
From Behind I Work My Way Up
One Taste Of Your Lips And I Gotta Have
That Mouth
Horror... You're Driving Me Insane
And Pain... You Give It Over Again
Shock Me... You Shock Me One More Time
Again... Again With That Mouth

Клип VICIOUS RUMORS - World Of Mouth 1994 (FULL ALBUM HD)

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