Potent Da Rockstar - TwerkTeam feat. Sev.

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Potent Da Rockstar - TwerkTeam (feat. Sev.)

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Текст песни:

I'ma need a twerk team, ---hook
Ima need a twerk team,
Ima need a twerk team,
I'ma need uh-uh-uh (2x)

Hands on the floor (Twerk 4x)
Shoes on the wall (twerk 4x)
Hands on the floor (twerk 4x)
Im talkin' Shoes on the wall -all -all (2x) (twerk 4x)

Oh yea I rock, and I'm a stoner,
I get doh', you just look like homer,
Oh thats your bitch? Sorry, I boned her,
All While writing this song and sippin on fuckn coronas,
..Ladies turn me on, So I get them off,
Baby play the secretary, you know i am a boss,
We'd be winnin and grinnin, they take the loss,
It's only cheating, cheating if we get caught , Right??
So twerk it , twerk it, twerk it, dont hurt it , oh Thats perfect
observe this life of mine, it seems to be a circus,
I am the elephant in the room,
and the peanut gallery Snicker their comments but lets resume..
..To teach the captain save a hoes how to lose that cape,
So when they hit the dancefloor this is what they'll say, my nigga


Hands on the floor. Shoes up on the wall. Bunch of girls in this bitch. Tell them bitches get low. Tell them bitches we going in. Them cups out and we pouring in. That Grey Goose, yeah we the future like we're driving in DeLoreans. Them butterfly doors opening. We hopping out like Pokemon. That's Pikachu. Fuck everybody in your crew, bitch we got beef with you. That twerk team. That twerk team. Just look at how she's twerking. I gotta good girl, she do the worse things. And ima beat that till she hurting. Like damn it girl you nasty. Damn it girl you nasty. Damn it girl I can't stand a girl that ain't that good at dancing. K, she roll tight and we go high. Looking down like oh my These bitches are like bow ties. They wrap around me and hold tight. But I just give em dick and let em ride it on their own time.

Клип Potent Da Rockstar - #TwerkTeam ft. Sev. of BC13

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