Naily - Your Freedom

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Naily - Your Freedom

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I give you light, I give my all
My everythings for you
The loneliness is your new hope
Come give it one more try

Believe, believe me
Theres a way, and
Go for it right now
I feel, I feel you
Turning there again

This time you broke promises
To find yourself a goal
Whats meant to be, left unsaid?
Thats right


I fall next to you
I hear your heart
I know theres a reason (X2)
You saw what Ive done
Believe it or not
Were flying away

Now, it makes me hide myself (myself)
The tale that has been told
Everyone you hate
Come play/the game/your way

Now, what lies beyond oneself (myself)
The look that you provide me with
Everyone you hate
No chance to separate

Ill never go, what kind of silly question
Just hold yourself, be free


Get it, now lets mean it bright
Get it, now when things are written pride

I give my heart You keep believing
I feel you now You break the meaning


Клип Naily - Your Freedom - 2012

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