Milkychan - Stronger than You -Chara Response-

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Milkychan - Stronger than You -Chara Response-

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Добавили: 2018-08-13
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Here we are again...
Just me and you comedian, right
With your blasters, your flashing eye
You should better be prepared because soon...
Your last hour strikes

One step left now, it's almost time
Show you what my determination has still left for you to get back to
You should prepare to just die
like all your friends you'll have a really good time

But guys like you are always just fools
Come at me, try to kill me with your fancy tools
Let's go, now the room gets chiller
Let's go, just another killer

Go ahead, kill me again I see you're able
But inside you know the end can't be evaded
I can tell you're really tired out of fighting
But I'll even come back after dying

Why not let me win? You can't dodge forever
Even if the pain is more fun together
You know I will just reset and come back newer
And with every try I'm getting even faster than you are

I am made of L O V E

"This is where it stops, this is where it ends"
You keep telling me those words and hope that I would understand
But even if I hear you I won't give up my attack
Can you just not see the truth or can you not see what this all meant?

Go ahead, kill me again I see you're able
But inside you know the end can't be evaded
You think I might decide to stop if you stay patient
But I am getting you with my DETERMINATION

You know I made your friends all disappear
Erasing all what's left, this is why I'm here
I will keep FIGHTING, you should be DYING, that is your DESTINATION

I'm entirely made of L O V E
And I'm sure I'm stronger than you...
I am STRONGER than YOU. )

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