Dima Lancaster - Click ClariS cover

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Dima Lancaster - Click (ClariS cover)

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Girl, it was long ago
And time never waits, I hope you know
You've probably forgotten
All of those days when we could
Do and say all that we want

You ask me about the fate and I can't help but smile
Like what I know is enough
I say, 'my words are cheap', you choose to stay for a while
And help me grasp if you're the one who holds the key to my love

I get that


Little by little we all might forget
About everything that once really mattered
So let's just make some new memories instead
Even if there's a few, I'll entrust them to you

Solving this puzzle is hard, but it's real
The last piece is hidden so deep within
Someday you will unlock all my feels
Open them with a click and I will be yours to keep


Now these vague silhouettes
Of past that we had
Are stuck in my head
Can't seem to get them out
They're wringing my heart
Like thorns they are tearing me apart

Getting sick of silent thoughts that bloom inside of me
It's time to scream them aloud
Don't talk me out of this, I can't just let it be
I won't accept the fact that my words can't change a thing



It will become so clear
Together in this dream
We'll find a way and leave behind all our fears

Because you are
The one who holds all the keys
To memories that we've
Kept all these years

Let me sing you to sleep with this song
That's what I wanted to do all along

And finally


Now I'm sure that we'll never forget
About everything that once really mattered
All the way it's been worth all the wait
It's been you from the start with a key to my heart

Solving this puzzle was hard, or so it seemed
The last piece was hidden so deep within
Now that you have unlocked all my feels
Open me and you'll see that I am yours to keep

Клип ENGLISH NISEKOI OP 1 - Click [Dima Lancaster]

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