Diary Of Dreams - Рlау Gоd

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Diary Of Dreams - Рlау Gоd

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What is this penetration?
If not some pre-salvation?
What is a mental attitude?
Why is my fever not in mood?

It's me combining numbers
It's me just playing God
It's me who's making rules here
I cannot come undone

Why don't you compensate
my pain and all my hate
Have you really tried to compromise?
Have you never realized...

Accompanied by faces
that stare at you at night
I'm travelling into your sleep
until you wake up pale from fright

And after all you've been through
I sleep safe like a child
A coward in deceit
It's garbage what you feed them....so

Consider penetration
as instant motivation
Regarding what you said to me
I think that you should never be forgiven

Don't persecute me for what I've done
perplex, poisened, predictable
Permissable disaster, patriotic smiles
predominant agression
if you have (the) guts, resist my trace

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