Delain - Stardust

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Delain - Stardust

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Verse 1
Dreamscape in a blanket silver-gray
Homesick for a memory washed away
All light in our hollow eyes is stardust, stardust.
Once you learn there is no return to lies,
Havent cried as we left the Earth to die,
Homesick for a memory in silent sea, eternally

Bring me to life,
Bring me the starlight,
Bring me the sun and moon,
Release the stars tonight (x2)

Verse 2
Far away in distant memory
There is lush, there is really you and me,
Now I'm about it in a home of art (?) is stardust, stardust.
Washed away like youre faced on inner sound (?)
At the edge of the sea is how we end
Painful is the memory, we did it to ourselves
Awaken me,
Bring back my heartbeat,
Bring back the warmth of skin,
The world were living in.

Chorus (x4)

Клип DELAIN - Stardust (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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