Deadstab - Draw Me Baby

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Deadstab - Draw Me Baby

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She said to me that she hate me,
Hate me and everything that i love to do,
Hate everything that i ever touched,
Everything as i ever looked

Draw me baby one more time,
Cause our love is used to be.
This time just you and I,
This place is just for you and me.

Everyday everyday every single day I
Try to survive and do everything not to die
From you. I just wanna love, but you wanna love-in.
You smile to me and tell me the following.

She said to me

"I hate you
Hate you and everything that you love to do
Hate everything that you ever touched,
Everything as you ever looked"

Never give in Never give in Not give in now, no
She seized me and didn't let me go.
So what can i do? What can help me to switch?
Mayby some drugs and party with bitches?..

I'm in alcohol falls, grow stronger my balls,
I almost forgot her eyes and her voice,
Then she opens the door and get inside
Through hordes.
She comes to me telling next words...

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